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Dec 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
teacher again. but it is a great pleasure. this is where, as rob pointed out, my career began. also, those of you who know me, this is where my family began. i am sure that many of you in washington can relate to what is going on in the middle east, rob is a pretty good matchmaker. back in 1995 and 1996, i married one of the research associates that was there during the same year as me as well. we have been happy ever since then. i think it was five or six couples and define the outcome and not have resulted in divorce. you did an excellent job. [laughter] >> anyway, for those reasons, since the beginning of my career, i am forever in debt to rob and his organization. it is also wonderful to have been awarded this terrific gold-medal. the recognition from the institute of my work is truly an honor. i would like to thank rob and mr. martin kramer did a great job demonstrating the lord. before i get into this, i would like to recognize eric trager. he is a fellow penn graduate. it is nice to see someone else from penn in this town doing this kind of work and doing it in a cutting edge
Nov 30, 2012 8:00pm EST
you can catch it on your phone. also a mentor on "american idol." the final person out there is rob friedman. [applause] , now. he's the cochairman of lions gate and producer of governor schwarzenegger's latest. but a long career in the industry was chief operating is very paramount and created summit entertainment, which they are created the groundbreaking pilot series. he's also very active and he doesn't still have them. so without further ado, thank you so much for coming. we will get rolling. [applause] the topic of the panel is innovation in the entertainment industry is sometimes seen not just as a source of innovation in the digital revolution, but also to the tom and the great successes with one of the top stories of industry peer grapevines that the figure in things like out. when being hit by kids at thy sons and hits on youtube. after this to you first activate studio. >> first of all, anyone who's buying our product, we are a content provider. so anybody who's licensing, buying our product as a friend. any of the new innovations works to our advantage. the important par
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
opening remarks from each of our panelists today. we will start with reuel marc gerecht and do to rob and bryan from there have q & a from myself and the audience. the panelists will be allowed two minutes at the tend restate their case and potentially persuade you to believing what they believe. so we'll start with reuel marc gerecht. reuel marc gerecht you may begin. >> [inaudible] i want to thank everybody for coming, and particularly i want to thank my co-panelists here rob and i have been debating this issue for almost a decade. certainly i can say that i don't think i disagreed with him except on this issue. and i particularly have to thank my debating colleague brian katulis from the center of american progress, if does show the left and right can come together on certain issues. and it's particularly brave for him to be with me. on occasion i have looked at the website at sometimes found there depicted as the son of satan. [laughter] i'm not sure what that makes bryan. but i will just say let's just be frank what we're really talking about here is do you dictatorship to democr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3